RSS feeds need to link to the source…period. is a very good source for Microsoft information. I noticed that lately the feeds do not contain the link to the source. To see the source I have to go to Bink, then click on the link. Let me clear – full feed, no reference on the feed. You know how I feel about that right?

As much as I like Bink, that is something I will not tolerate. I will subscribe to a partial feed before I support something like this. See, the originating source is losing out big time on this deal and who deserves the traffic more than the site that created the content? Even with flexible Creative Commons licenses attribution is a must – and that means feeds too.

It saddens me to see sites do this. Weblogs, Inc. fixed their feed and I respect that. They also fixed their popup issue, although I question how they could not know the popunders where there if they read the blogs. It was not just one day – the popunders were there for awhile….just like the reference links have been missing from Bink for awhile.

So goodbye Bink…it was nice while it lasted.  And for the record – since the popunders disappeared from Weblogs, Inc. I added some WIN sites back.