Yet another blogroll clean: dumping WIN

I wrote recently about loyalty in the comments of Cookie Cutter Effect. For those that read my sites, I am very loyal and I try to be ethical (I need to update that because it still references BYW). When my loyalty dies, it is hard to get back. Anyway, in Cookie Cutter Effect, I recommended people check out WoW Insider. I regret that now for multiple reasons. Scrivs wrote about one of them, much better than I would have. Go read his post, express your thoughts. I wrote about another issue I have with the site too.

Now I regret the recommendation but not the post because a unique discussion came out of it….still going on two weeks after I made the original post. Thank you Scrivs for taking the time to answer all the questions.

I had a bit of loyalty towards WIN but I dumped Jason’s sites from my blogroll before, Jason did eventually correct the issue and I added some back.

Even though Jason said his “blunt style” will continue, and AOL “loves” his blogging Jason does not comment on corporate AOL/TW matters and when he does AOL doesn’t listen.

They aren’t Jason’s sites anymore. I have no loyalty to AOL and the popunders will most likely appear on other pages as well unless there is a serious uproar. When I dumped the WIN sites I felt no remorse. I wonder if other people feel the same way?