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Game developers losing money on Xbox 360 shortage

Game developers are losing money because of the Xbox 360 console shortages.

From CNN:

The publisher of titles like football game “Madden NFL 06” will miss its targets due to shortages of the new Xbox 360 video game console from Microsoft (Research) and as consumers wait for rival machines from Sony and Nintendo next year, executives said.

“There are rumors that the PlayStation 3 may launch as early as spring, and that’s causing some people to evaluate whether to make a purchase now or wait,” CEO Larry Probst told a conference call.

Christmas is over and yes, there are millions of people still waiting on a Xbox 360. It is understandable for people to reconsider their Xbox 360 purchase since the PS3 is coming out very close to the time these people might get an Xbox 360.

So EA is going to miss their forecasted income, along with a lot of other companies. Can you imagine paying millions of dollars developing a game, it’s all set to go, people want to buy the game but wisely will not until they have a console…and there is no firm date on when this shortage will be filled? As the CNN article states, it might take two years for companies to recoup their money.

The Sims 2: Open for Business – spare me

Yes, I played The Sims. Yes, I have Sims 2. I have some of the expansion packs but I quickly caught on what the real deal was: EA was going to expansion pack me to death instead of releasing a game that could be the best it could be.

And I gave up.

The Sims 2: Open for Business has been announced. Whoopie. Yet another expansion pack. Am I supposed to get excited because finally my Sim can have a business? I think that is something that should have happened a long time go.

Or maybe it’s my attention span is short. Once I’ve done every career that can be done, maxed out the skills, and have generations of Sims…what else is left to do? Why would I give a damn if my Sims “now” can have a business? It’s the same thing all over again.

I know what it is…I prefer a company just release a kick ass game and don’t expansion pack me to death.

SWG improvements? I don’t think so

Computer Gaming World has a review of Star Wars Galaxies. Sony Online Entertainment revamped the game recently. This about sums it up – straight from CGW:

SWG vets really got the shaft with this update. I first logged in to find all of my old weapons – which had originally cost a fortune – listed as “disabled”. Shopping for new ones resulted in nothing but bugged vendors with bugged firearms…and since the new quests cater to lower levels, I literally lacked anything to do.”

My sentiments exactly. Roger and I decided to login and check it out. When he respec’d he was level 81…I may never forgive SOE for that.

My level 30 something character respec’d to 17. My master Creature Handler and Swordsman respec’d to 62 Spy (still almost 20 levels under Roger damn it). No point in playing the level 17 account so I killed it. They Spy quests were broken, lovely. I respec’d to a Bounty Hunter. Boring – I can’t kill Jedi’s. I tried shopping around for better stuff but most of the cities were condemned (yes, condemned) but still standing because they don’t delete, meaning the vendors weren’t there and I wasted my time travelling all over the place to condemned cities. I decided to just hunt but the new system makes it more work to keep something targetted “to” kill it.

What a disappointment. I see why so many people left. My unique character is now boilerplate crap and without the community the game sucks. CGW gives it a 1 1/2…that pretty much sums it up for me. It sure made me appreciate World of Warcraft…when I can get on to play that is.

Damn World of Warcraft queue

Playing World of Warcraft is becoming a pain in the ass. Trying to get on Aggramar – 468 in the queue. Um…don’t think so.

Try to get in Eonar – 33 in the queue – not bad because it only took 2 minutes for the queue to empty. Shame it took 15 minutes for my character list to load…and the world is still loading.


WoW – pushing my limits

I have a couple of toons on World of Warcraft but for the most part I play two rogues Shelby and Reynna. Shelby is level 54 and Reynna is level 17, on different servers, both full at the moment.

Anyway, Shelby finally made level 54 and a reader whispered to me, “Why do you always create human female characters?”. Guy has a legitimate point. In WoW beta I created a Night Elf so I wouldn’t be bored when I created my Human. My rogues are spec’d for human (notice they aren’t wielding daggers). I honestly can’t remember not playing a human…in any game. Rog, help me out here…can you remember me playing a non-human toon?

Since 2006 is the year for me to push my limits, after I get Shelby to 60 (or if out of frustration I create another character on another server because I can’t get on the two I’m already on) I’m going to create a non-human toon. It will be female though because the thought of playing a guy – eeewww. Female kicking butt turns me on.

I don’t see myself creating a toon that isn’t meant to fight. I like to fight…what can I say? But I did see a Priest kicking some serious butt soloing the other day but that butt kicking Priest would end up healing in a Raid. Naw…I’ll stick to kicking butt 24/7.