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Hello and thanks for visiting Not Too Geeky! I’m just your typical computer loving, technology crazy, gaming chick who loves sharing thoughts, opinions, and ideas on anything gaming related, up and coming technology, and everything blogging. It’s who I am and it’s what I do!

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Who Am I?

For those of you just visiting Not Too Geeky for the first time or are unfamiliar with what I do, my name is Tyme White. My focus and expertise is in writing about technology, gaming, business, and the blogging network. I’m a pretty simple and laid back girl just look to have some fun here!

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Some of my main focuses are on how I can help people achieve their technology and online goals, I enjoy interacting with readers whether that be answering their questions or just saying hello, and having fun! When I first started out, I was a bit concerned about what I was writing and if it offered an value to my readers. The problem with this was that I was scrapping a lot of blog entries that may or may not have offered entertainment or knowledge to my readers. Then one day, my colleagues created this Dance Video, and that’s when I realized that my work should be not just be work, but it should be fun! Since then, I’ve incorporated having fun into my work as often as possible. It’s a pretty great value to live by, and I would suggest everyone have fun with whatever they do every day!

What You’ll Find at Not Too Geeky

The best blogs out there are the ones written about a subject the writers is obviously passionate about. The things I’m passionate about and included in my blog are:

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  • Gaming: Much of my free time is spent gaming, whether I’m playing my XBox 360, WoW, video games, computer games… Needless to say, I have a lot of opinions about various games and topics the I cover about gaming. Some of it is constructive criticism, some it it is valuable information to other gamers, and some of it is just my general thoughts on gaming. Check out some previous archived posts about anything Gaming related.
  • Technology: There is a lot of stuff happening in the technology world. The evolution of technology is happening incredibly fast, especially in today’s digital world. In order to stay current, efficient, and successful, people need to understand what technology is available and how it works. So, the goal here is to talk about various technologies that are out there, currently trending technologies, and up and coming technologies to aid readers with their online goals. With the rapid expansion and evolution of technology, the more it gets discussed and understood, the better off individuals will with their personal and business efforts. After all, those who stay current will be the ones pushing ahead. Check out what’s happening with Technology and my thoughts and opinions about what’s current out there today.
  • Writing For the Web: Today, many individuals turn to blogs for information of current affairs, current trends, and various topics they’re passionate about. This used to be the job of Journalists, but with the digital era on the rise, blogging has taken a hold. The biggest difference between blogging and journalism is that blogging covers topics the writer is passionate about, whether it’s a smaller or larger niche, while journalism takes readers completely into consideration with its main objective to be to attract as many viewers as possible. Now, don’t get me wrong, bloggers love having high traffic. But many individuals begin blogging as a means of expression. However, there is an efficient way to produce quality content to promote higher traffic to your blog. Additionally, blogging creates a platform of interaction between the viewers as well as the blogger, while most journalism is limited to interaction, if there is any at all. Want to know how you can be a more efficient blogger? Check out my thoughts on Writing for the Web and get some ideas for your own blog or website (i.e. what you should Consider when maintaining your blog)!

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So Why Should You Listen to Me?

Well, you don’t have to do what you don’t want to. In seriousness though, I have been doing what I’m doing for quite some time. I have a Master’s Degree in Business Management. For well over a decade, I have been not only maintaining my own blogs, but have worked with the co-creators of 9rules.com, a blog network website where I have recently become the Community Director. Since its launch, 9 Rule has celebrated its Anniversary, has seen some Crazy Workers, has Won Awards, and so much more! Check out the 9 Rules website to see for yourself!

What is a blog network, you may ask? A blog network is a community of blogs and bloggers. We help to connect quality writers to passionate readers, we aid bloggers in achieving their online goals, and we offer various discussion platforms to discuss various ideas, thoughts, and to ask questions. One of the biggest issues that bloggers face is finding a passionate audience. Additionally, one of the biggest problems that readers may face is that a blog or a blogger that they follow isn’t consistent with providing quality content to their website. We don’t expect that blogs are going to update their website on a daily basis, but it should be frequent enough to grab and keep the attention of your readers, otherwise they may grow bored or frustrated.

That’s Not Too Geeky in a Nutshell

Given that I enjoy connecting with individuals and helping them with their goals or just discussing new things in the gaming and technology world, I hope everyone who comes and visits Not Too Geeky gets something out of this website. If not, that’s okay too. While I would like to provide valuable information to people to aid their online goals, I’m here to have fun!