What I hate about You Tube

Robert Scoble wrote an entry stating he unsubscribed from Memeorandum and is back to reading RSS feeds. He also says:

I miss my RSS reading. Reading RSS makes me smarter, not snarkier. Why? Cause I choose who I’m going to read. Pick smart people to read and you’ll get smarter.

Hint, the smartest people in my RSS are usually the least snarky. Why? Cause they could give a f**k about all the traffic.

Welcome back Robert. :)

Don’t get me started on snarky writers. I dropped every snarky blog from my blogroll a couple of weeks ago. I love to learn and I noticed the only thing snarky people create is drama. I detest drama. I also detest traffic whores. I don’t write for traffic, I write because I have something to share. I understand from a business standpoint where monitoring numbers is necessary. I found that when I focus on the content and enjoy myself the traffic comes, no matter how much I shy away from it.

Another problem I run into (and why it’s time for another blogroll shuffle) is my definition of “news”. Some sites stray from their subject category, one of the reasons why I put hard sections on NTG. I have a large blogroll (playing with Newgator Outlook Beta 2 right now and it says 750 and I don’t have them all in there yet) so if a small percentage of sites stray off topic that’s a lot of noise per day.

I subscribe to Memeorandum, Digg, Newsvine but I will never give up my RSS feeds. I don’t need a service to filter my content and I’m pretty good at finding new blogs to read…or they find me. That’s the way blogs work.