Blogging should include fun too

I have 10 or 12 different entries I wrote but decided not to publish. Not because I thought they were “bad” but I don’t seem to be able to zero in on what I really want to say. Then I found an entry this entry the other day:

This guy has some interesting moves and Paul, Mike and Colin are going to have to step it up a notch if they don’t want to be left in the daily dancers dust. Take this dance for example, definitely some top notch interpretation and fantastic flow. Now let’s wait and see what type of response the dancing executives can come up with.

He was talking about Daily Dancer check it out and that’s when it started to click in…what I’ve been wanting to say.

If you watch Daily Dancer he’s dancing(?) but more important he’s having fun. Fun, something missing from blogging until recently. This can happen quite innocently. For long time bloggers the individual will start writing one way, change over time and is truly cornered. They can’t branch out and do something different because their audience might not like it.

Bryan, from Avalonstar, sent me a link to his dance videos and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them.  Mike and Scrivs did their dance video, and Mike did the 9rules gang sign. With much amusement I see other companies are following suit - they are having fun! Correction, openly having fun. No behind the scenes, we just love working together but it never shows crap. Honest fun.

Yes, I know, sometimes it is necessary to maintain professionalism. But if a blogger works online, interacts with readers offline, then exactly when does the “personal” time come in? Bloggers have to have fun some where right? I found that no matter what I talk about, someone can relate to it and more importantly, good comes out of it. When I stretch my boundaries a bit and open my mind I end up learning something.

What’s my point? Eventually someone from Daily Dancer’s personal life, perhaps even his boss, will see those video, might think they are stupid and may judge him, but he’s having enjoying himself, having fun. Who knows, it might prompt more people to get off their sofa and dance.

Let the fun begin.