Scrapers abusing Google Adsense

Om wrote about a problem he is having with scrapers stealing his content and wrapping Google Adsense around it, laughing all the way to the bank. How do we combat this problem?

Om wrote about a problem he’s having with people using his content without permission on another site to get ad revenue. This is something I’ve spoken about before, many times in fact. Om successfully got one site down but for every one he shuts down, there are five more he doesn’t know about.

He said the same thing I did – the problem rests with the company that control the ad revenue…nip it at the bud. In this case, it’s Google. If you read my blogs you know I am not pleased with Google right now. This is an example of why I’ve just about lost patience with Google.

Instead of buying companies and expanding, fix current problems first. Get rid of scrapers, prosecute them. Take a strong stance. Clean it up already…what are you waiting for? Shutting down sites only bandaids the problem. The site will be back in another form this time targeting someone else.

Google needs to take responsibility for their product. I’d love to know how much they’ve paid out to scrapers. If I was an advertiser I would be extremely cautious about using Google because of where my ad might end up.

Let’s be fair, I had the same problem with Microsoft. When companies expand prior to fixing what is broke, the user ends up with the short stick, every time. I hope that Om’s popularity will bring more attention to this issue and force Google (and other ad networks) to clean up their act.