Not Too Geeky changes…again

New design, new backend…I’ve been busy.If you are reading this in an RSS reader you missed out on the fact that I made some major changes to the site.

  1. Moved from WordPress to Expression Engine.
  2. Split the content into different sections
  3. Posted the links to individual RSS feeds

Lots of changes but more on an admin. end than user end I suppose. Which is probably why you’re yawning right now. :)

Yes, I am going to tweak the design. I needed something as a place holder while I worked out the bugs on the site. Once I have everything in place (because there is a bunch of stuff I want to add feature-wise) I can begin work on a final design. If I could only implement the stuff I have in my head faster.

The good thing is that I am much more organized now. Slowly I will be converting everything back to Expression Engine.

If there is anything missing from the old site you liked, let me know although I do have every intention of incorporating everything the old site had plus more. :)

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Charlotte  on  12/27

I’m enjoying the multiple sections. I would add most popular posts, the gravatars, and take away this “type the word you see below”. I know you have it for spammers. I suppose I need to get used to it.

Felix J  on  12/27

Watch you switch back to WordPress now that 2.0 is out. LOL

Raymond  on  12/28

You know women, always changing their mind. :)