Microsoft is not buying Opera, yet more false information

Microsoft is not buying Opera but it brings to light a bigger problem – bloggers posting false information on the net.

CoolTechZone posted an article saying that Microsoft was buying Opera. Opera firmly denied this. The article has been updated to reflect the fact that Microsoft had not approached Opera about buying the browser.

I don’t know if CoolTechZone made this up or was given false information but the point is false information was posted to the web. This is a growing trend and unfortunately bloggers are having a good time with it. Bloggers are purposely making up stuff and posting it as a joke. And we wonder why journalists don’t take bloggers seriously?

I noticed another trend…snarky blogs. I know, I have a lot of nerve talking because I can rip something or someone apart but I always try to do it respectfully. I try to be open-minded and fair. I admit when I am wrong. I’m not perfect but I do try hard to find a balance between having fun with blogging, keeping it real, no ass-kissing and attempting to be accurate. I am always mindful of the fact that people read what I write and I am fortunate that I have readers that trust me. That trust didn’t happen overnight, I had to work for it. I would never purposely do anything to jeopardize that. Like stupid meaningless posts that might suck people into believing it because they trust me.

Of course there are bloggers that don’t care about trust. They don’t think about the after affects of what they’ve written…until it’s too late.