Geek Girl Woes

I don’t know why I read sites like A Man’s View. There is nothing wrong with the site except I can’t relate to it. I’m not the average woman I guess. I can’t even type this with a straight face. Let’s get real shall we? Men beg and whine for the special traits they wished a woman had but if they are blessed and receive this “gift”, they can’t handle it. Be careful what you wish for. I would kill for a guy who would actually live up to what Fireman says:

All I want is an equal relationship. Is that too much to ask? I think not. Go shopping, go to a ballet, go spend weekends away with your parents, or just go doing what you like to do and I shall do the same.

It’s a lie! Let me show you what I go through…Geek Girl Woes.

Let’s use Fireman’s example of the Xbox 360, which sold out. Here we go…

Boyfriend: You aren’t going to believe this. EB just called me and said I’ve been bumped. I pre-ordered in July damn it!
Tyme: Oh, sorry to hear that. Hope a shipment comes in soon.
Boyfriend: Yeah me too…whatcha doing? Wanna go out? (Note he’s only asking me out because he doesn’t have anything to do)
Tyme: Chillin’…playing my 360…
Boyfriend: Cool, I’ll just come over and play yours…

Did I invite you? That is the equivalent to a guy wanting to play a game and the girl wants to watch a movie. Let’s say I feel sorry for him and let him play with my 360. Eventually he’s going to want to play something I don’t want to play – like a sports game, which is perfectly cool. I got other things to do…quick hug/kiss and I’m gone…doing my thing in another room. Perhaps surfing the net or playing a PC game. You know what’s going to happen right? X amount of minutes later…

Boyfriend: Whatcha doing?
Tyme: Fighting the Japanese in B&W2 (or playing WoW or watching TV…get it? I’m busy).
Boyfriend: I’m hungry, what’s in the frig?
Tyme: (thinking open the sucker up and look) Help yourself or feel free to order something.
Boyfriend: What would like to do?

Crap, he wants attention. Sigh…what are my options? Quickest thing…feed him, sex him up, tuck him in and he’s out for the night. Or I could go the route he thinks I want to go…dinner (maybe go out) where he has to cater to my every need and in return he’ll get sexed up, tuck him in and he’s out for the night. Well, this level is pretty challenging (or whatever I’m doing) so why beat around the bush? Option #1 it is. So I hook him up with something to eat. Satisfy every sexual need and patiently wait until he passes out. Jump out of the bed, a quick shower and I’m good to go…back to what I’m doing. Several hours pass…I finish what I was doing – he’s none the wiser.

And they say women are never inconvenienced.

Let’s move on to sports. I admit I am not into sports like I used to be and perhaps I will watch it with him – but don’t count on it. That’s what his friends are for. Matter of fact, I’ll invite them all over, get some take out so I can do what I want to do…travel. The SuperBowl is the perfect time for a quick trip to Vegas…or sit on a beach somewhere. Bring that up to the boyfriend and he’ll have a fit.

Boyfriend: You know the SuperBowl is this weekend…
Tyme: Yup…
Boyfriend: (cringing because he thinks I’m going to throw a fit) You know I’m going to hang out with the guys right?
Tyme: Yup (smiling because I know I’m about to drop kick his ass)
Boyfriend: I’ll call you…
Tyme: That’s ok, Baby. You don’t have to do that.
Boyfriend: I can come over later but it will be late – you know the festivities.
Tyme: Not necessary…I won’t be home.
Boyfriend: (Phew! I’m off the hook!) Going out with the girls?
Tyme: Nope, going to Vegas (insert location here).
Boyfriend: (pissed) Who are you going with?
Tyme: Myself (he doesn’t believe it).
Boyfriend: Why didn’t you say anything?
Tyme: Why didn’t YOU say anything?
Boyfriend: It should be assumed I was going to hang out with the guys…
Tyme: Oh sorry, you should have assumed I wasn’t going to sit at home pining over you. I’ll call you though…

Or the absolute WORST:

Boyfriend: (walking into my house) Want to do something?
Tyme: Um…maybe later…I’m building my new computer (and I rattle off specs).
Boyfriend: (thinking his computer sucks in comparison) You didn’t mention you were getting a new computer….
Tyme: (thinking here we go…) I upgrade all the time. I told you I love technology and it helps me get work done more efficiently…so I have more free time to spend with you…
Boyfriend: What are you going to do with the old one? (Which is better than his)
Tyme: Keep it as a back up.
Boyfriend: Why don’t you give it to me? You don’t need it…

Get your own damn computer. When I view “The Boyfriend” as “The One” I’ll build him one, and not from second hand parts. Until then…he needs to handle his business. I practice what I preach – I don’t expect the guy to lavish me with stuff. It’s not what’s important.

I’m fair. There will be times when I whisk him off his feet, and make his head spin. I’ve never had a boyfriend say he felt neglected, or deprived. In return I want to be left alone to do my geeky things damn it.

Is that too much to ask?