FeedDemon 2.0 Beta 1

FeedDemon 2.01 Beta 1 has been released for registered users. Remember, this is a beta. Do not download and install unless you feel comfortable playing with something that quite might possibly be broken. If you do install it, back up your feeds, install in a different directory…you know the usual precautions.

This version is very different from the previous verions, changes I feel are for the better. I can see all my folders now. I can drag and drop feeds between folders. But it gets better…I now know the feeds I pay the most attention to, the ones I pay the least attention to. I love it!

FD2 now allows me to get an instant look at what I need to read, how many items are unread and the ability to mark them all read without clicking on folders.

There are so many little changes that makes it easier to read my feeds. I can easily change from subscription view to news items. Change from full feeds to excerpts – right there in the window I’m looking at. Nick, you did a great job!

If you are comfortable playing with betas, I recommend trying it out. I haven’t experienced any problems at all and I have a lot of feeds. That’s the only thing off the top of my head I wish FD had…how many feeds am I subscribed to?