SWG improvements? I don’t think so

Computer Gaming World has a review of Star Wars Galaxies. Sony Online Entertainment revamped the game recently. This about sums it up – straight from CGW:

SWG vets really got the shaft with this update. I first logged in to find all of my old weapons – which had originally cost a fortune – listed as “disabled”. Shopping for new ones resulted in nothing but bugged vendors with bugged firearms…and since the new quests cater to lower levels, I literally lacked anything to do.”

My sentiments exactly. Roger and I decided to login and check it out. When he respec’d he was level 81…I may never forgive SOE for that.

My level 30 something character respec’d to 17. My master Creature Handler and Swordsman respec’d to 62 Spy (still almost 20 levels under Roger damn it). No point in playing the level 17 account so I killed it. They Spy quests were broken, lovely. I respec’d to a Bounty Hunter. Boring – I can’t kill Jedi’s. I tried shopping around for better stuff but most of the cities were condemned (yes, condemned) but still standing because they don’t delete, meaning the vendors weren’t there and I wasted my time travelling all over the place to condemned cities. I decided to just hunt but the new system makes it more work to keep something targetted “to” kill it.

What a disappointment. I see why so many people left. My unique character is now boilerplate crap and without the community the game sucks. CGW gives it a 1 1/2…that pretty much sums it up for me. It sure made me appreciate World of Warcraft…when I can get on to play that is.