9rules – SXSW Web Awards

9rules won Best Community/Wiki and Bryan won Best Blog. There aren’t words to describe my happiness. I would do a podcast but my voice is jacked. See….

Mike let me know that 9rules and Bryan won. My reaction at 2am? Jumping up and down screaming “YES!”. I don’t think Bryan thought he was going to win so I am reallyhappy for him.

Then the bad news…Scrivs is sick. I looked at some of the pictures from SXSW and noticed a couple of things:

1) Scrivs wasn’t in as many as I thought.
2) He didn’t look like he felt well.

It sucks to get sick right before a conference. Hope you’re feeling better soon Scrivs. Mike and Matt accepted the award, dedicated the award to Scrivs, and got the attending 9rulers onstage. Outstanding – someone better have photos of that. Yeah, I said better. It’s a moment dang it.

One thing that surprised me was the lack of updates coming out of SXSW. No live blogging. I never noticed that before…perhaps because I honestly didn’t have a reason to care. I noticed it this year…ouch.