9rules is getting smaller

Waking up in the morning, having to deal with crap is not my way of starting off the day.  What am I talking about? Something I expected but hoped wouldn’t happen on Jack of All Blogs and a particularly disappointing entry at Blog Herald. Not the way I wanted to start hump day but alas that is how my day is starting…so let’s do this.

Hello, my name is Tyme White and I am the Community Director of 9rules, Inc. My job is to foster interaction within the Communities, keep the members happy…you get the gist. When I was appointed the position I took it seriously, went into business mode and started interacting with the members but more importantly the readers who read their content. Because I want everyone to read 9rules Communities.

It didn’t take long for me to start noticing some problems and unfortunately receiving complaints. The loudest from readers was sexually explicit adult content being mixed in with non-adult themed content – with no warning. Because I’m not uploading a bunch of email here is the first one I received Jan 24. and the last one I received yesterday. There are more and I received permission to post these minus the email address.

So I mentioned this to Scrivs in January and he said he would deal with it. I suggested perhaps an adult warning on the content. He said he would deal with. I mentioned it again – being dealt with. Rinse and repeat. Fast forward to this weekend. Meme from GirlSpoke made a post in the private forums voicing concerns about significant drops in traffic. I can only imagine how Scrivs felt when he read her comment since he was the one trying to find a way to keep the site in the network.

**I’m mentioning Meme’s post because the private forum she posted in is the same one where Scrivs made the announcement about 9rules shrinking – note the word private. Yet no mention of the fact Meme herself was displeased with traffic performance. Get all the facts**

Yesterday I received the email above and I lost it. See, we want people to recommend 9rules to everyone. Yes, there is cursing but let’s face it sexually explicit content isn’t a good fit for 9rules – which is why a completely separate entity is being formed.

We have a responsibility to the members in our network. We have a responsibility to our readers. Scrivs didn’t see the site as being that big of a deal in the network. The very people we want to read the content did so what are we supposed to do, ignore them? It’s pretty well agreed upon that adult content should be kept from minors. When GirlSpoke was allowed into the network Communities did not exist. Someone would have to specifically subscribe to the site to get the content. We have Community feeds where all the content in a Community is pulled together. We aren’t going to ignore complaints. We can’t and thrive.

Now about getting smaller – if you remember once again Tyme2BBad made Scrivs be very clear on what he expected from sites in the network:

Consistency in writing quantity. We don’t expect sites to have entries on them every single day, but if you have a site that posts one entry a month we expect there to be at least one entry a month. If you write every single day for 6 months and then disappear for 3 months then we begin to raise questions.

All the other blog networks have the same expectations. Duncan, are you saying we should keep sites that are no longer producing content? Duncan I’m very disappointed in your post because if you had taken the time to check the facts you would have found out that it was our members that complained about the “noise” – lack of quality posts. Are you saying we shouldn’t be concerned with that? Shame…and you went to so much trouble making the Scrivs face…and it wasn’t him.

The last thing – about the multiple network thing. Again, I mentioned my objection to this in my interview withJeremy from B5. Even when people have access to the private forums (and they are in other networks) – the information that gets out is still wrong. I shouldn’t have to spell all of this out. Bloggers need to take responsibility for what they write. Jeremy perhaps the multiple network thing works for you but you can’t deny it ain’t workin’ for us – so it dies. We tried. We failed. We learned.

So for every site that posts Scrivs as the bad guy this time – that’s what you get for not checking the facts. It’s Tyme2BBad – I’m the fall gal this time. Essentially what you’re saying is that we should have kept the site in the network. We should have hindered our reader’s ability to recommend 9rules (which screws over our members) and we should continue to be irresponsible and let minors have access to the content. We should allow our members to be in multiple networks and continue to leak the information wrong. We don’t agree, sorry. Our members don’t agree – even those that felt they might be on the chopping block admitted this needed to be done.

That’s the explanation of the drama. What do you think? Did we make the right decision?

EDIT: I forgot to mention Scrivs initially mentioned weeks ago in our private-but-not-private forums that he was going to start weeding the network. Weeks ago. Yeah.

EDIT #2: A commenter brought up a good point about 9rules and the sex network because it is being reported that way. The report is false. Look at this page..it has the 9rules team members listed. I’m on the list. I have no details about the sex network. I am not involved with that network. Those sites will never be listed in 9rules and our recent position makes that very clear. I don’t know why that is so hard to accept…but I do know this. Saying 9rules is involved in a sex network pulls me into something I am not apart of…and I don’t like it.