WoW – pushing my limits

I have a couple of toons on World of Warcraft but for the most part I play two rogues Shelby and Reynna. Shelby is level 54 and Reynna is level 17, on different servers, both full at the moment.

Anyway, Shelby finally made level 54 and a reader whispered to me, “Why do you always create human female characters?”. Guy has a legitimate point. In WoW beta I created a Night Elf so I wouldn’t be bored when I created my Human. My rogues are spec’d for human (notice they aren’t wielding daggers). I honestly can’t remember not playing a human…in any game. Rog, help me out here…can you remember me playing a non-human toon?

Since 2006 is the year for me to push my limits, after I get Shelby to 60 (or if out of frustration I create another character on another server because I can’t get on the two I’m already on) I’m going to create a non-human toon. It will be female though because the thought of playing a guy – eeewww. Female kicking butt turns me on.

I don’t see myself creating a toon that isn’t meant to fight. I like to fight…what can I say? But I did see a Priest kicking some serious butt soloing the other day but that butt kicking Priest would end up healing in a Raid. Naw…I’ll stick to kicking butt 24/7.