Game developers losing money on Xbox 360 shortage

Game developers are losing money because of the Xbox 360 console shortages.

From CNN:

The publisher of titles like football game “Madden NFL 06” will miss its targets due to shortages of the new Xbox 360 video game console from Microsoft (Research) and as consumers wait for rival machines from Sony and Nintendo next year, executives said.

“There are rumors that the PlayStation 3 may launch as early as spring, and that’s causing some people to evaluate whether to make a purchase now or wait,” CEO Larry Probst told a conference call.

Christmas is over and yes, there are millions of people still waiting on a Xbox 360. It is understandable for people to reconsider their Xbox 360 purchase since the PS3 is coming out very close to the time these people might get an Xbox 360.

So EA is going to miss their forecasted income, along with a lot of other companies. Can you imagine paying millions of dollars developing a game, it’s all set to go, people want to buy the game but wisely will not until they have a console…and there is no firm date on when this shortage will be filled? As the CNN article states, it might take two years for companies to recoup their money.